Art & Sole – Christmas Gift For Her

posted on: Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Shoes will always be a part of my Art & Sole.

Art & Sole Jane Gershon Weitzman.

Art & Sole*- Jane Gershon Weitzman

Art & Sole Jane Gershon Weitzman.

In this photo:


A bubble bath shoe in Art & Sole 

Art & Sole Jane Gershon Weitzman.

“You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are”ALICE, ALICE IN WONDERLAND

Art & Sole Jane Gershon Weitzman.

Every year without fail, I tell my self that I will never again leave Christmas shopping to the last 72 hrs.

& every year without fail, I fail.

It’s so difficult trying to buying so many people their presents all at once. I usually try to find a person’s interests & base their gift on that. I’ve only just released that books cater to pretty much every interest. I mean, there are books on pretty much anything – I’m sure I’ve seen one on how to shit in a forest, no kidding – (hey look! I found it here!)

Anyway, who doesn’t love books? I spend most of my money on books already. Ok that was a straight out lie. I spend most of my money on food but it makes a lot more sense to buy people books on things they enjoy then waste all your time trying to look for things they’ll probably throw away.

& if you’re still looking for a Christmas gift for her or have a shoe fanatic in your family or circle of friends, there’s possibly no better gift than Art & Sole. Well, maybe an edible shoe, but this book even has photos of fruit salad & cherry pie shoes in it so it pretty much covers the whole spectrum. Also, how cool is the shower shoe above? It’s gorgeous glossy pictures & quirky art make it the perfect gift for Christmas or even just for your coffee table.

Trust me, there is some conversation-starter foot wear in this book.