Match Yo Mama With ASOS

posted on: Thursday, August 20, 2015

If you had to “Match Yo Mama” what would you be wearing?

Minimalist Perth fashion blogger. Monochrome style outfit. Jeggings outfit.

Wearing: ASOS wrap top*, ASOS Jameson mid-rise jeggings*, ASOS Dallington trainers*, ASOS leather & faux pony bag*, ASOS leather waist belt*

Minimalist style in the 80s in Europe.
ASOS blogger collaboration: Match Yo Mama, wearing all ASOS: white wrap top, stretch jeggings, white sneakers.

In this photo:


My mum somewhere in Europe, circa a long time ago

ASOS leather & pony hair bag.

Australian fashion blogger in monochrome outfit, minimalist style.

ASOS blogger collaboration: Match Yo Mama, minimalist street style. White wrap top.

ASOS blogger collaboration: Match Yo Mama, minimalist street style.
ASOS blogger collaboration: Match Yo Mama, minimalist street style.

“Guess what guys? My mum still dresses me!” lulz~

ASOS white lace up trainers, white sneakers outfit.
ThePeachBox affordable luxe jewellery.

In this photo:


ThePeachBox bangles* & Coil Melt ring*

Minimalism style by Australian fashion blogger Shannon Valle.

If you asked me a few years ago to pick out an outfit of my mother’s to copy I probably would have put on a sleeping bag & called it a day because really, who wants to dress like their mum? But recently, I’ve discovered (by raiding through my parents old stuff) that my mum actually had pretty good style. These days, my mum’s more into cooking than clothing so when I was asked to match her style with ASOS I had to put my raiding skills to good use & dig up some old photos. Surprisingly, it was difficult to choose an outfit to emulate, not because she didn’t know how to dress but because she really knew how to back then (lol, sorry mum) but I couldn’t go past her take on a classic blue jeans, white shirt outfit because if my mum can pull that off, surely I can.

So tell me: what do you guys think of wearing your mom’s style & who wore it better? Vote below!

  • Aditi Oberoi Malhotra

    Love the top!

    – Adi xxo

  • Annelise Golfarelli

    Wow, love post! Beautiful your outfit!

  • Nadiya Sloan

    Just popping in to say thanks for a sweet comment on my blog. Love it so much when people actually read what you have to say, I am sure we all can relate 😉 Anyway, hope you have a lovely week, girlie 😉
    xox Nadia

  • Lovely Pictures ! 🙂

    I know it’s Monday but … you’re awesome! | Lisa | Joy Della Vita Travelblog

  • Love your outfit! So cute that they look so similar!

  • This is perfect ! I love how similar the two outfits are just different time periods <3 I love your top !


  • Aw this is so cute how you recreated your mom’s outfit!! I wish my mom had some cool style I could copy!

    xx freshfizzle

  • This is such a good idea! I love looking at pictures on my mum and even my grandma from the 70’s and 80’s they both had killer style x

    Anna | aforvogue

  • Bian Sifredi

    this is such a cool project! my mum has a lovely taste on fashion (thankfully!) and a bunch of cool blazers to steal (she has this green tartan blazer from zara that i’m hoping to steal someday) but her style is very office like so i probably wouldn’t be able to pull off!

  • Love your wrap top, and what a great outfit to be inspired by! 🙂

    I think I dress really similarly to my mum when she was my age – probably partly because I have a lot of vintage pieces from her in my wardrobe! 😉 And partly because she dressed so well, lots of prints and skirts and it’s the kind of style I really like. She’s more into pants now that she’s older, but we still get a giggle when we go out shopping together and both pick up the same top or dress to try on!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  • Maeva M

    This post is so cool… I love the idea! You managed to create a very similar look. Love the trainers <3

  • Your top is so cute, I love it with the belt


  • Amanda CW

    How endearing of you to do a post inspired by your moms outfit! I think you rocked it =)

  • Nicole

    Casual yet chic!! Love your top and bag! 🙂

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  • Nadiya Sloan

    I LOVE this post! How original and beautiful! Such a great idea to rock the look your mum used to wear! <3 You both look amazing!!!
    xox Nadia

  • This is amazing! I love it 🙂


  • Martina Manolcheva

    Lovely simple but chic outfit!

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  • I adore your blog & this outfit! So stunning.

  • Great look! Fab accessories

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  • Kelly M

    Firstly, thank you for your AWESOME comment on my blog. I completely agree, I cannot have an outfit with an edge to it as well because without it really what’s the fun in that? Secondly, what a cool idea for a post. #YouWoreItBetterTho but your mum is still super cute!


  • Aww, this is such a good idea! Super cute too. Love the white sneakers you styled with it. I’ve seen some old photos of my mom and she looked like Catherine Zeta Jones and wore high waisted black shorts and black tank tops haha.


    COFFEESLAG Daily Look Elite Box 3

  • AvantiGarde

    Nice outfit! Love the way you wore the top.


  • casual perfection!!

    kisses from dubai ♥

  • michelle g

    This outfit is so my style , i adore it, and i love the fact that your mom wore it once super cool.


  • Nicole

    Great look!! Love your top and bag! 🙂

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  • What a great post about your mom. There is no way I could emulate my mother’ style.. she didn’t have any! haha

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    • OMG Angela, I actually snorted when I read that! That has to be the funniest comment on my blog I’ve ever received!

      • But it is truuuuue! She seriously had the worst taste ever. She had this gold and black sequin and bead BAGGY top that was in her closet for years! I cut it up as a teen and she was super mad saying it “was her favourite” It was my favourite too, to cut up that is! Seriously, shame on her! hehe

  • Love the gold accessories and how you belted the top, very cool.

    Do you have Bloglovin’?! Let’s follow each other!

    xx Falasha

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  • Jennifer

    Such a beatiful outfit
    Simple but very cool


  • Mlle Coconath

    Love the look!


    Mademoiselle Coconath

  • Oh, I LOVE this post! I think the both of you wore the look just as well. I’m a huge believer in reusing old clothes so most of my clothes come from my mum’s old closet (authentic vintage, HELLO) and it’s so fun to emulate the 70s, 80s and 90s with a contemporary twist. A white top and blue jeans can never fail!

    May | THE MAYDEN

    • That’s so cool! I wish my mom still had some of her more awesome clothes but all she has now is the stuff she wears..

  • clara mcmillan

    You look great!

    God bless,

    XO, Claire

  • Amazing, love this throwback. You do her justice in this one hon!
    IG @shoes_and_sashimi

  • Yayy.. both of you guys have that appealing fashion taste. Looks neat and clean yet stylish and girly!
    Have a lovely day!
    Btw, hun I just followed you on bloglovin and twitter 🙂

    Jhem |

  • Love how you belted the shirt. Such a chic touch!

    Enclothed Cognition

  • Creme Rose

    This is so cool, love how simple the outfit is !

  • My mum and I had exactly the same jeans 😛 (they had very obvious patterens).
    I think you did great job impressionating your mum with those cloths. This is perfect example of what ”style’s eternal” truly means. 🙂




  • Your mom is a one chic stylish woman.

    I love how you copy her style– love it

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

  • OMG, I love the mama and you comparison, its so awesome, and especially how you improvise. Give me the rush to try one too!


  • What a nice top! Very stylish!