Perth Yoga With Bendy Breakfast

posted on: Monday, February 29, 2016

Yoga’s not your thing? Neither. Unless there’s food involved.

Early morning yoga & breakfast in perth.

Different things to do in Perth, Western Australia.


If rolling around on the lounge room floor during movie night while trying to reach the last slice of pizza before your brother gets it without having to move forward an inch, counts as yoga, then sure, I’ve done yoga before.


If it means getting up at the crack of dawn to sweat it out while making impressive shapes with your body, then last weekend would have been the first time for me.


Quite a departure from my usual waking up on a Saturday morning with a packet of chips still clenched in one hand & a half eaten sausage roll in the other from the previous night’s club crawl escapades, it would seem strange to think that I would ever wake up early on a weekend morning to break a sweat on top of a hotel roof.

Things to do on a Saturday in Perth.
Sportluxe outfit. Alex Hotel, Perth.

In this photo:


Lorna Jane top & leggings, Adidas Superstar trainers, Minskat Copenhagen Mira bag

Saturday morning yoga at the Bendy Breakfast, Perth.

To be honest, anything that exerts more physical energy than opening a bag of chips isn’t really worth anything to me. It’s bad enough that my brother drags me to the gym 5 days out of the week to get me to film dance videos for him & pretend like I know what the hell I’m doing in the weight room.


Anything that requires physical energy that results in food? Whole different story right there.


We met up with lovely Lindsay, the organiser of Bendy Breakfast at the super snazzy Alex Hotel in Northbridge, Perth for an hour of challenging but strangely relaxing yoga followed by fifteen minutes of meditation.


I’d be lying if I said it was easy (yoga is a real workout, guys!) & I’d be lying again if I said I didn’t use my camera as an excuse to not do some of the more difficult moves.


Strangely though, it was very relaxing to be pulling all sorts of ethereal moves while atop of a rooftop garden in the city & it was so calming to be meditating in the morning sunlight. I may or may not have fallen asleep for a few minutes.


Northbridge from the Alex Hotel rooftop in Perth, Western Australia.

In this photo:


The view from the rooftop of the Alex Hotel, Northbridge

Fresh fruits at Bendy Breakfast in Perth.
Bendy Breakfast Perth. A yoga class & breakfast afterwards in Perth, Western Australia.
Alex Hotel in Northbridge, Perth.
Perth city skyline from Northbridge.
Inside the Alex Hotel, Perth, Western Australia.
Honest Goods Company, Perth paleo banana bread.
Perth fashion blogger. The Alex Hotel, Perth.

In this photo:


Honest Goods Co. paleo banana bread

Cacao chia pudding at the Bendy Breakfast, Perth.
Honest Goods Co paleo banana bread.
Made Cold-Pressed Juice in Perth.

In this photo:


Local juice business Made, supplied a variety of delicious cold-pressed juices

Made Cold-Pressed Juice Perth local business.


If there was even a shred of jealousy at the people staying at the hotel who I spied eating their breakfasts, it was completely erased after seeing what us yogis (I’m a yogi now, right?) were about the feast on for breakfast.


Fresh fruit platters, homemade juices, protein balls, banana bread & chocolate chia puddings. That’s right, banana bread & chocolate for breakfast. I think I could do this every day if I didn’t live so damn far away from anything.


Local businesses came together to provide a delicious & healthy breakfast after a soothing session of yoga.


& even if you were out getting crazy the night before, the early start is totally worth it & I’m pretty sure would be able to cure a hangover to rival Lindsay Lohan’s.


You can check out the Bendy Breakfast events & book them here!

Rooftop garden of the Alex Hotel in Perth.
Alex Hotel, Perth.
Perth fashion, life & style blogger. The view from the Alex Hotel in Northbridge, Perth.

Highly recommended if you’re into health & fitness, looking for something new & fun to do in Perth & no one would judge you even if you only went for the food..

The Fashann Monster was a guest at the Bendy Breakfast however, all opinions remain honest & my own.

  • Erik Scholz

    Amazing pictures, so inspirational, loved it!

    Erik from

  • Nadia

    This is the most PERFECT location to do yoga. Ever! I love yoga but sometimes wish we could get out and do it enjoying the fresh air! Gorgeous pics, honey & BIG yes to food/snacks and everything edible & delicious in this post 🙂
    xox Nadia

  • This looks like such a fun experience and that view over the city is gorgeous!

    xoxo, Christina

  • Sounds like a perfect Saturday! If suqating down wearing shoes and stretching my limbs up to grab a can of cookie from the shelf is yoga, I’ve done that too x

    By the way, love the new blogging method!

    Real Life Nerd

    • Haha, grabbing cookies should be a yoga move. Especially if you’re stretching your limbs for it.

      & what new blogging method??


  • Your posts have been killing it lately. Love the format and the gorgeous photos. Rooftop yoga sounds amazing and something I’d totally do with a bunch of my girlfriends!


    COFFEESLAG Skin Care

  • Style hue

    Wow this place looks cool ! I used to not like yoga cause it was so slow, but after a few classes I come to like it.
    Looks amazing to do it on a roof top <3


  • Awesome photos. I love yoga but rarely do it. Definitely need to change that!

    Enclothed Cognition/Bloglovin

  • Okay, okay, I’ll totally take that Paleo banana bread. I miss doing yoga SO much! I used to do hot yoga for years but ever since I settled down to a different part of the city, I hardly have time to go.