The Scent Of Summer & Boracay Skin

posted on: Wednesday, March 2, 2016

It’s not really summer without the scent of coconut oil (& sausages on the bbq) wafting through the air.

Tanning oil editorial.

Boracay skin blogger review.
Black lace off the shoulder top outfit.

Boracay skin tanning oil.

Summer beach outfit editorial.

In this photo:


Boracay Skin* natural sun & body oil, Jim Kersie bracelets*


Lace off the shoulder top outfit.

Australian fashion blogger. Perth life & style blogger.
Off the shoulder top with denim shorts outfit. Perth fashion blogger.

In this photo:


Swell Jasmine top* via SurfStitch, unlabelled denim shorts

Tanning oil editorial.

Australian life & style blogger. Australian beach outfit editorial.



Summer may have already waved us goodbye over here in Australia, but I’m still desperately trying to hold onto it by doing things like eating ice creams & wearing denim shorts in the cold, asking anyone who listens if they want to have a bbq on the beach in the wind & by smothering myself in the Boracay Skin natural sun & body oil. Because, is there really anything more quintessentially summer than coconuts?
It may be autumn already but I think we still have a couple of weeks of sporadic warm weather here where I can lay on the beach while procrastinating about studying & even when the weather turns cold, it’s nice to know I can still use Boracay Skin as a natural moisturiser & hold on to that summer feeling.

Photos by William Valle-Pezzanelli.

  • The smell of coconut oil is totally written as a smell of summer into my memory. I love those things that remind me sunny days when summer is over. Your pictures are so beautiful! And I love your tan!


  • This sun looks great!

  • love these shots! definitely making me wish i was at the beach right now!

  • You are right about coconuts hahahaha 🙂 Have fun savouring the last bit of heat and camp by the barbeque pit!! x

    Real Life Nerd

  • Stunning photos! 😀

    I’m quite ready for summer to leave us behind – it’s definitely overstaying its welcome here in Brisbane! And there’s only so much time you can spend in the pool trying to cool off…haha!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  • Your skin looks flawless!!

  • Cara E

    These photos are amazing! And I love coconut scents X

  • Love your editorialesque photos! I’ve never heard of Boracay – is this mainly an Australian brand? But I agree with you about coconut & summer being interlaced with each other.

  • These are such stunning photos, Shannon. I hope you’re able to hold onto the final moments of summer. Also, your top is absolutely gorgeous!


  • AMAZING photos! Reminds me of the song Boracay by Akcent 😉

  • Go for it! Have fun while it lasted, Shannon!

    – Seyra x

  • Nadia

    Babe, move across to the UK to enjoy spring & summer time! 🙂 I genuinely hope it will be warm and sunny. When we lived in Ireland summer (and any other season) meant RAIN. Non stop. Mainland is more dry so yeah, the invitation is open 😀
    Gorgeous pics & Boracay Skin looks like a lovely product. Love the top so much on you, hon.
    xox Nadia

    • I wish I could! Haha I will definitely come for a visit sometime when uni hasn’t got me strapped down. Spring there looks so pretty but I doubt it will rain that much during winter here. It is Australia after all haha x

  • OMG, this is way too beautiful!!! Stunning images!
    Kira Is Wearing

  • I love that Boracay Skin is made in Australia and has ingredients from the Philippines! I wish I could smell it – seems amazing.